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Oru Paanai (UK) was established in 2008 as a voluntary humanitarian response to appeals made by heads of rural schools in the Jaffna peninsula of Sri Lanka , who made us aware of the poverty and starvation amongst children who attended their schools. It has grown over the years and is currently officially recognised in both the UK and Sri Lanka. In the UK , Oru Paanai is well known as a charity involved in helping the needy in northeast Sri Lanka.

OP UK  Organisational structure

Trustees : Dr. Dan Muthuveloe, Dr. Leela Muthuveloe, Prof. R.Swaminthan, Dr. Ranjit Thambirajah, Dr. S.V.Devendra, Mrs. Shyamala Devendra, Dr. K.Balasubramaniam, Dr. Nirmala Subanandan, Dr. S.Kathirgamanathan, Dr. N.Sriskantharajah, Dr. A.J.Thambapillai.

Executive Committee : Prof.Swaminathan (Chairman), Dr. R.Thambirajah (Vice Chairman), Dr. D.W.Muthuveloe, Dr. S.V.Devendra (Joint Secretaries ), Dr. S.Kathigamanathan (Treaurer).

OP Sri Lanka (established in 2011)

Trustees : Mr. S.Skandakumar, Mr. Tissa Jayatilaka, Dr. Dan Muthuveloe, Prof. Swaminathan, Dr. K.Balasubramaniam, Dr.S.V.Devendra,Dr. S.Kathirgamanathan, Mr. C.Kumaranayagam.

Chairman : Mr. S.Skandakumar (alt Mr.Tissa Jayatilaka)

Oru Paanai
Official address: 58 Hungerford Road, Stourbridge DY8 3AB
Telephone: 01384-395165
Email: [email protected] or please use the form on the Contact us page.

Oru Paanai is a UK registered charity. Charity Commission number: 1136376

Oru Paanai - feeding the hungry in Sri Lanka
Charity no: 1136376

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