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Washing plates - webWe need the heartfelt support of people who share with us the desire to assuage the hunger of the children of Jaffna. The underlying sentiment that drives us to help in this project is hidden in the old Tamil expression ‘Oru Paanai’. This is an expression that our grandparents used, to describe our common heritage, our common destiny and our original humble beginnings when our fore fathers' ethic was to share the food and resources within the larger extended family.

The words of an ancient Tamil saying comes to mind ‘Aiyam ittu unn’– meaning ‘first give alms before you sit to eat’.

Another saying comes to mind - ‘Iyalvathu karavel’- meaning ‘what you can do, you must not fail to do’.

Another saying goes ‘Eevatthu vilakel’ – do not stop being generous in giving.

We have in our Tamil moral and religious code sufficient weight and obligation laid on our soul for an unambiguous response.

Oru Panaai dinner 2 - webPlease join us and share what you have in your Paanai with those who are hungry.

To download a Standing Order form, please click here.

To simply send a cheque, please make this payable to 'Oru Paanai'

In both cases please send to Oru Paanai Treasurer, c/o 58 Hungerford Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 3AB

GiftAid logoIf you are a UK tax payer, please also GiftAid your donation by completing the GiftAid form here and returning it with your Standing Order form or other gift.
Thank you.

We would like your feedback if nothing else. We are aware that you may be already committed elsewhere.


· Each school will send monthly statements of their expenses.
· You can expect periodic reports electronically.

Thank you for your interest.

Oru Paanai - feeding hungry children in Sri Lanka
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